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Future of Production Forums

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:18 pm
by jc
hi all,
well it has been quiet lately and has been for months, mainly after Slayerbear has not been active here one of our all time main members, Along with 2rocks and a couple of others who have been busy with other things in their life it became a bit quiet here in recent times. Bear is in a new band and doing a lot with them so that is why he is not around much. Jmail and me are about the only 2 that are still somewhat active from the old crew.

So I guess the question some people might be wondering is, will Production Forums CLOSE DOWN?

Well I just want to say absolutely NO it won't be. The forum will not be going away anytime soon The fact is I have a long term strategy for the forum. I'm currently developing some other social media networks that will bring in a lot of activity in the near future. I have been developing networks around video editing, audio production, multimedia etc with a lot of people involved. I have not linked to the forum from those networks yet as I want to make sure they are really active with thousands of members then I will open the flood gates. ;)

So the forum might be quiet at the moment but I can assure you all it's only temporary so stay tuned. I would recommend to grab a good seat, some beer and a large popcorn pack ;) :lol: :D

Re: Future of Production Forums

Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 1:14 pm
by jc

Sadly, as we have not seen Jmail now for sometime then I'm worried for his health as I wrote about here. This has also made me think about the future of the forum since jmail was our longest active member since the beginning over 12 years ago and he looked after the Emu part of the forum where it all began. Along with that Bear, tworox and a few other more active members are not here much anymore as they are busy with new things in their lives and as the forum got less active over the years I don't blame anyone for losing interest. Hopefully they will all return one day. I did see bear had visited here recently so maybe we will see him back again when he has more time. It will be a bit sad to see old posts from the guys especially jmail as we don't know what happened to him and if he will ever return so this leads me to the next part.....

This forum has a lot of old posts and in recent years many of these threads were long discussions between me, jmail, Bear and sometimes tworox. I have decided I will start to go through these old threads soon will delete many of them. The rest of the forum and the old Emu boards will all be archived. The old forum will still be available to browse and search through but all the threads will be closed.

Production Forums Version 2

Once I have archived all the old forum I will then start a new version of the forum from a clean slate.

The new forum will still have the same layout and most of the same boards although the Emu part will not be around anymore and more can be read about that in my post in the emu section. Emu enthusiasts can still post on the forum in the Audio board once the old emu section is archived.

There will be some design changes, the software will be upgraded to the latest version and new features added.

The plan for the forum activity and membership basically is that I will continue to build up my networks on social media for people that are interested in multimedia. I now have over 100,000 people in my networks and that is growing rapidly at around 2,000 per day. When things are ready I will start to direct a lot of these people to the forum. I will be preparing for that and once the forum is ready to go then it will happen and the forum should see activity like never before.

All this takes time and I have a lot of things I'm working on as well but we will get there.

Cheers jc


Re: Future of Production Forums

Posted: Sat May 06, 2017 11:22 am
by jc
just an update, things are really happening in my life and making huge progress in last week which means I will be able to devote a lot of my time to my loved forum soon

PRODUCTION FORUMS 2.0 is coming to a town near you soon ;)