Beta driver for your EMU product...

For all E-MU DAS Devices, including the 0404 PCI/PCIe, 1212M, PCI/PCIe 1616(M) CardBus/PCI/PCIe, 1820(M) and also Patchmix & E-MU PFX

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Beta driver for your EMU product...

Post by SystemFile » Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:22 pm

Attention all EMU DAS Device and USB2 users, Creative, in their "wisdom", has "updated" their EMU sub-site, and posted the "Beta" driver (my "quote" key is broken, and arbitrarily "inserts itself" in the post) on certain product pages.

How to get there:

Go to (or type in "" - for a limited time only!)

click on the "Download" button, center-bottom of the page (or go the long way, and use the "Support" link).

Edit: Alternatively, use Creative/EMU Download Admin

Most of the USB2 products have the "beta" driver on their download pages, so just pick your device from the list, and then the "Next" button. If you have a DAS device, for the most part, you have to chose an "active" product. This means that the 1820 and 1820M pages do NOT have it available. Since all the DAS Devices use a "unified" driver architecture, you could choose the 1616M PCIe link, and choose it from there.

Once you're on your chosen product's page, there should be a "Beta Driver" link or tab under the "Latest Downloads" section. If that link or tab isn't there, choose another product that does have it.

Click on the "Download" link for the beta driver, agree to the EUL terms, and have at it...

Remember DAS Device users, you *need* to have the v2.1 PatchMix. There is no "beta" PatchMix.

This does give a glimmer of hope (only a glimmer) that *someone* (at least one person) is still "EMU", even if it is only part-time... DO NOT TAKE THIS AS PROGRESS TOWARDS A "FINAL" DRIVER PACKAGE for any EMU device.

Now, if they'll just put the old content from the old EMU site back up for the folks of the old hardware samplers... Hint hint hint...


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