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E-MU Soft-Synths & Keyboards FAQ's

Post by jmail » Wed Oct 20, 2010 4:55 pm

E-MU Soft-Synths & Keyboards FAQ's TIPS and SUGGESTIONS
This FAQ's will be here to offer E-MU product owners one place to find useful information to help with set-up issues, PatchMix set-ups, and other common questions that other members can link to when posting on the forum.

If you would like to add to the FAQ's then PM one of the MODERATORS with the Question & Answer, or Tips/Suggestions and that will be added to this post.

Please note: All of the “answers” given are at the time of publication deemed to be reliable. No harm or damage is intended. However, you are the responsible party for any unintended consequences.

In addition to the General FAQs and the Full FAQs Section, here are some FAQs specifically targeted at the E-MU Soft-Synths & the xBoards:

EmulatorX and ProteusX Stuff:

Q: 7.0
I have my Audio Card hooked it up to my MIDI keyboard & when I fire up my sequencer program and pick the Software GS synth as output for one of the midi tracks, I strike a key on the keyboard, there is a delay of about 0.2 seconds before I hear the tone play. How do I get rid of this lag?
A: 7.0
A probable answer is here

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Q: 14.0
What is the Difference between ProteusX and EmulatorX?
A: 14.0
E-MU Bruce has answered this question here

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Q: 16.0
What are some of the differences between ProteusX LE, Proteus VX and Proteus X? How about EmulatorX?
A: 16.0
Proteus X Le and Proteus VX are scaled down versions of Proteus X. The main differences are: They can not stream from hard disk, all banks must fit into RAM, can only be used as a VSTi, only comes with the Proteus X composer bank, a few other limitiations as well.

Proteus X LE, Proteus X, Proteus X2, Emulator X and Emulator X2 are all copy-protected software. You must also have a qualifying E-MU digital audio interface (0202 USB, 0404 USB, 0404 PCI, 1212M PCI, 1616/116M - CardBus or PCI, 1820/1820M PCI), E-MU Xmidi 2x2 or E-MU Xboard keyboard controller connected, powered on and installed correctly, as the E-MU hardware also acts as a software copy protection dongle for the protected software. Not having all of these things in order often results in the failed launch of the program or the Streaming engine error message. If you plan to use the Xboard on more than one USB port on your PC system, You may need to install the Xboard drivers for each USB port one time.

Emulator X3 also is copy protected but uses a new copy protection technology and no longer requires that you have E-MU hardware to act as a copy protection dongle. Proteus VX is not copy protected.

If you have Proteus X or Proteus VX and have the full version of Proteus X or Emulator X, there is nothing to be gained by having the less featured versions installed and the likelihood of having issues or confusion in your system as well as with 3rd party DAW software increases so we strongly suggest to not have more than one version installed. We have no support for any issues where more than one version is installed.

While Proteus X LE, Proteus VX, Proteus X, Proteus X2, Emulator X and Emulator X2 work for most customers in Vista, they are only tested and supported in Windows XP. They are 32-bit applications and will only work in stand-alone mode in XP64 or Vista64 and will not ever work as a VSTi in XP64 or Vista64. Only the recently released Emulator X3 is 64-bit and fully Vista compatible.

Things that can affect using, launching or installing Proteus X LE, Proteus VX, Proteus X, Proteus X2, Emulator X and Emulator X2 in XP or Vista include:

Out of date CD/DVD drivers
ATI product drivers - Use the most recent drivers
iTunes - Uninstall
QuickTime - Uninstall
Not having Admin account privileges - need be Admin for the PC to install
UAC - Turn off User Account Control (Vista only) (Win7 now too??)
Thanks to EMU Bruce

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Q: 17.0
When I upgrade to EmulatorX 3,will it require putting in the EmulatorX 1 disc, then the v2, then the 1, then the 2, like every time I've done a new install? =Peavley
A: 17.0
Thanks to EMU Bruce

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Q: 19.0
E-MU X eats my CPU power, how can I optimize my system for E-MU X?
A: 19.0
E-MU Bruce has written a great post here on this.

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Q: 27.0
Patchmix and ProteusX vids on Youtube!
A: 27.0

GearWire E-MU Patchmix Software
GearWire ProteusX
(Thanks to moffdnb and thainhart for re-finding)

Of course, EMU now has a presence on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/EMUsupport
Replacements for the "original" vidz cannot be found.

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Q: 28.0
Solution for emulator x2 converter
A: 28.0
[colore=red]INFO [/color]
"Back to emulator 1.5 copy EmulatorX File Converter 447 kb and paste in to
X2 .Halion,exs ,Akai works wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll" (Posted by Pedro here)

Comment on above:
Use the converter from EmulatorX 1.5. if you are having problems converting the above sounds, according to Pedro.
Thanks to KitC for linking

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Q: 31.0
Help! I get BSOD's during an EmulatorX/ProteusX installation...
Q: 31.0

Thanks to flatfinger for posting this!
flatfinger wrote: I had this problem and have solved it . Here is the response I sent to EMU support to inform them of my fix.

The problem occured during Authorization. I'm happy to say "occured" ..... here is what I did to fix it. After installing with the clean boot proceedure as suggested the results were identical. I took note of the fact that the BSOD included the stop code and the file name "iastor.sys " which I then Googled. There were many hits on this little file . After looking around at them a bit I found out that IASTOR.SYS is a Intel SATA drivers for hard drives. My system is running SATA drives in AHCI mode ( I know because I had to F6 and provide a floppy during the winXP installation.
I then looked around the Intel site and found this page : http://downloadmirror.intel.com/14848/E ... enotes.htm which shows lots of 3rd party software vendors getting BSOD's ( listed in the resolved issues section ) . Long story short , I updated the SATA AHCI driver from version to and that did the trick . I should also note that every time I tried to Authorize before the program asked for the X2 disk . After the driver update , it asked for my original x1 disk and Authorized without issue . Something for your database .
Thanks for your response and efforts in this issue . I'm off to make music now !!!!!!!!

Hope this might help someone out in the future !!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to KitC for linking

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Q: 41.0
I want to run my Emulator X v3 on a Mac. Is that possible?
A: 41.0
Check-out this thread: Using Emulator X3 in other than Windows...

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xBoard Stuff:

Q: 26.0
Using Behringer FCV100 pedal with Xboard controllers
A: 26.0
SUGGESTIONS From this post:

Got this week a good and secondhand Behringer FCV100 footpedal.
There were several issues to solve and a few I will mention here.

1. It would not work at all at start.
- I forgot to set the Xboard PEd to ctL (default is SuS).
- The FCV100 needs to be set in the CV mode and connected to Output 2.
- The connection cable needs to be modified to work:
At one end, exchange the Tip and Ring wires in the jackplug.
2. The minimum and maximum volume value behaviour was unsufficient:
The Pedal needs to be calibrated through the Calibration menu.

After that the controller works as it should.

Q: 39.0
zvenx wrote:Hi, will I be able to still use my Xboard 49 when I switch to Windows 7, 64bit version?
Anyone using this succesfully?
A: 39.0
zvenx wrote:Just to answer my own question.
The Xboard works fine in Windows 7 64 bit OS...
yeah!!! :-)

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